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These are questions that we seem to hear the most so we've provided this info in hopes to answer your questions and help with any misunderstandings!

Q 1. How long does the service take?

A) Time frames depend on a multitude of different things. I have provided the most accurate duration of the style included in the description of the style. This, again, is a base time and the time varies with each client depending on the clients hair and client performance. We ask that you do not rush your stylist as this can affect detail and precision.

Q.2 Where are you located?

A) We are located on 115 Roane street Charleston Wv, 25302, on the first floor.

Q.3 How long will my braids last?

A)  Each style varies and changes with the time they will last. The longevity of your style will also depend upon how well the client is taking care of their hair. Keeping the hair covered and making sure the scalp stays moisturized also aides in helping the style last long as well as growing the hair and keeping it healthy!

On average box braids last between 5-12 weeks depending on size

knotless braids can last between 4-12 weeks depending on size

Feed in braids can last from 2-8 weeks depending on size

Crochet styles can last between 6-10 weeks

any other style please ask the stylist.

Q.4 How can I protect my curls in my braids and keep them lasting

A) With human hair curls, you should treat them as you would your hair. Detangle with water, comb through with fingers or wide tooth comb while holding the root of the curl. 

With human synthetic mixed hair, you should keep the hair curls coiled together  or twisted and covered when sleeping, Adding only water to detangle the curls if needed. These curls generally only last about 8 weeks.